Your first offline poker tournament: how to choose and win?

How to break away from the home chair, pleasant muffled music and plunge into the world of live poker? Today you will learn how to prepare for the game in the first live tournament in your career.
Choosing a tournament
First, let’s decide what kind of poker tournament we will play. Of course, you can wipe the WSOP or EPT, but let’s face it – it is very expensive. First, buy-in payment. Not everyone can afford to enter the tournament from $ 1000-3000.
The main point that you need to keep in mind is bankroll management. No need to give the last money to play in a live tournament not far from home. Offline poker is a cool atmosphere and rewarding experience. But it is not worth draining most or all of the bankroll. Play for those sums that are comfortable for you both financially and psychologically.
What to do before the tournament starts
So, if you have found a suitable tournament, here are some tips on what to do before starting it.
An offline game is different from online in that fewer hands are played in an hour. If everything goes well, you have to spend a lot of time at the table. Wear comfortable clothes. The same goes for shoes. The keyword is convenient.
Sunglasses may help some players. More experienced rivals can put pressure on you, watch for a long time, ask questions and try to get tells. Glasses will help you not to impersonate. But be careful with mirror lenses, you can randomly give out pocket cards when you look at them.
How to behave at the table
Do not overdo it with emotions. If you haven’t dragged a million dollars, you don’t have to shout after every big loss or gain. This is not too respectful of rivals.
Pre-sound what you want to do. Call, raise, etc. If you raise, speak his size. Then even if you mix the denomination of chips, everything will be fine.
As a rule, chips should cross the line of your box in one motion. Suppose that you do not have small chips and you threw one large one in the center of the table. If no action has been announced, it is automatically considered that it is a call.
Do not quarrel with the staff. It is not necessary after the move to tell the dealer “your used hands and under the train,” etc. First, no one likes being humiliated. Secondly, it is uncultured. Third, the situation does not help.