Innovations that change poker

“How to make poker even more interesting?” Above this task, players who want to get as much action as possible, and rooms that are always eager to increase their audience, are puzzled over their head. Sometimes ideas come to the point of absurdity, and sometimes it turns out rather curious.
Deck of five suits
Let’s start from ancient times. After all, most of the current card games could look different.
In the 40s of the twentieth century in England, the idea to use a deck with five suits appeared. The new suit is called the “Queen”, and it was depicted as American eagles, royal crowns, or brown leaves.
Large companies began to stamp a deck of the new sample, but … The idea is broken on the rocks of ordinary laziness. Gamblers of that time simply did not want to invent new rules for the usual games.
Choose a pocket card by yourself
In an attempt to reduce the share of luck and turn poker purely into a game of intelligence and psychology, American businessman Arthur Pfeiffer invented Texas Block’Em.
According to the rules, the games on the table first appear community cards. And then, knowing the texture of the board, players, at their discretion, choose pocket cards. So the factor of chance is leveled, and the players have more opportunities to influence the course of events.
The main “trick” of the new poker variety was that if players choose the same card, it is automatically “blocked”.
It is not entirely clear how this should have been technically implemented. However, the release scheduled for 2014 did not take place.
Tournaments where blinds grow differently
In the classic format of tournaments, there is a time after which the blinds grow to a fixed mark.
But in Winamax decided that the approach can be changed. Thus, Zone 30 was born. The tournament format, in which after the departure of each of the players, the blinds grow just enough so that the average stack is 30 BB.
According to this concept, players will always be close enough to fly out. But they still have enough chips left to play post flop.
Spin & Go and a cup of coffee
Did you know that the tournaments, which are now hidden behind the usual name Spin & Go, were originally called The Espresso?
Come up with this poker variation in Winamax. And with a cruising speed, the “coffee” format has flooded almost all poker rooms. And maintains its warm place so far.
The formula is simple – three players, a hyper turbine structure, and a fortune wheel with a prize fund multiplier.