Fast Poker

Fast poker is gaining the attention of more people. So, it’s time to figure out how you can increase the win rate at the Snap and Zoom tables. The main thing that “fast” poker is different from the usual, is the possibility, without waiting for the end of the hand, to press the “fold” button and get new cards at the new table.
In this format, the number of hands played per hour at one table increases significantly. One “fast” table is approximately equivalent to 3-4. But the client software is built in such a way that you will never fall for the same table with yourself. Also, each poker room has a limit on the number of simultaneously played fast tables. Usually – no more than four.
A large number of fish and good players gather at such tables. The main problem becomes how to distinguish them, because when you fold pocket cards, they are not saved to the computer, respectively, will not be in the base of the auxiliary tracker program (Holdem Manager 2, Poker Tracker 4, etc.).
Tip one: take notes on opponents if you do not have enough statistics
Of course, in large rooms (like Poker Stars) you will rarely meet with any particular player because of their large number (at peak times at Poker Stars the number of players at some limits reaches 1000 people), but once spent on recording Note 5 seconds, can turn a decent profit in the future.
At the “fast” tables, as a rule, the total VPIP (voluntary investment of money in the bank) decreases in relation to regular tables, because it is easier to press the “fold” button and see the next pocket combination in poker than to steam over this hand. We can use this factor in two ways.
Tip two: narrow your range in early positions
We may be called or tribet, and our hands are above average, but not premium, we will have to fold to avoid being in a difficult situation without a position. Therefore, it is better to immediately determine which range we will play for value bet, and which one – to bluff (i.e., immediately fold in response to aggression).
Tip Three: Expand your ranges in late positions
For this, hands of the type Ah are well suited (because of the blocker on the ace), holey broadways (a good opportunity to get into the top pair with a good kicker), pocket pairs. Just as in any situation at the poker table, we should have a plan: what will we do if we get a raise, how many and what streets will we set, if we get, etc.
Tip Four: Use the three-bet suited connectors often when you are in the blinds to protect
First, the opponent can immediately surrender, secondly, we can cling to the flop well, getting a draw-combination, thirdly, we can have well-hidden strong combinations if we get into the flop (for example, we have 54 559 with a rainbow, and opponent A9), fourthly, we can always bet cbet (continued bet) on the flop and push if we improve on the turn.