I’m plus online! How to withdraw poker money?

We talk about the main ways to withdraw winnings from the poker room.
Playing poker is a lot of fun. For example, the realization that you made the right decision, or beat an opponent, completely controlling the course of the distribution.
Some people like the very atmosphere of the casino – communication, chips, color and quality of the table, beautiful waitresses, etc. But of particular interest to the game is attached to the fact that it is hard for you to lose and is pleasant to buy. In today’s world, such a measure is money.
Of course, you can roll your whole life in applications in the VC, or you can roll over billions of conventional chips in different poker rooms. But for conditional money, you can buy only conditional goods. Therefore, the “Academy of Poker” decided to talk about the main ways to replenish the account and withdraw money from online.
Bank card
This is the first thing that comes to mind. The most common card in the world is Visa. You just need to go to the bank and order a currency card. It is done during the day and costs about $ 10 (at least in Belarus). Next, put money on the card and make a deposit in the room. Profit
the possibility of withdrawing money at an ATM almost anywhere in the world;
long history of work in the market;
relatively small fee for withdrawing money from ATMs of other banks;
speed and reliability of operations.
A few important notes:
Do not send anyone a photograph of the card with its number. If you are asked to do this, you should seriously think, “are they not fraudsters?”
NEVER give anyone a three-digit (or sometimes four-digit) number located near the field in your signature on the back of the card. This “authentication code” is used for online payments without tangible media, i.e. cards. This is a kind of pin code. Nobody needs to inform him.
Another card that can be used in most countries of the world is MasterCard. We carry out the same operations with it as with Visa.
The difference lies in the intricacies of removing the commission when converting. MasterCard is better for some currencies; Visa is better for some.
If you use a currency card only for games and only withdraw money in your own country, then any will do. If the situation is different from the above, we advise you to climb on thematic forums and understand the difference in more detail.
Payment systems
A major player in the payment systems market was PaysafeGroup. Shares of this company were traded on the London Stock Exchange until it was acquired by a large consortium at the end of 2017. PaysafeGroup’s subsidiaries are two popular payment systems Skrill and Neteller.