What's a .jar file extension

Guest Avatar Person: Guest | Posted: 10.19.09

Question: cal2.3.4.jar runtime setup, came with java unable to get this working, have to have it submitted by friday. Please help with a .jar file
Staff Avatar Staffer: Thad | Posted: 10.19.09

Answer: A .jar file is similar to a .zip, .rar, .cab file in that it compressed and or holds many files in one folder. If you really want to can rename the .jar file a .zip file and open it with winzip.

If you are in school however it sounds like you are taking a java programming class. That is a package, and you may be able to open it with the Java Developers Kit, im not sure, i took a Java class in College, but that was 6 years ago.

If this doesnt help let us know, and well do some more research.

Before you try anything you should think about doing a free scan for .jar related registry errors. This will ensure your computer is ready to precede.

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