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XP File Extensions

XP File Extensions If you want to know how to open a file, then you need to know the extension. Windows hides that from you by default. Let's unhide it really quick so you can know what type of file it is you are working on.

  • Double Click the My Computer icon on your desktop.
  • Choose Tools then Folder Options from the menu.
  • Click the view tab.
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Vista File Extensions

Vista File Extensions Showing the file extension in Windows Vista is pretty easy too :) Windows likes to hide the file extensions so that they don't confuse basic users. Showing the known file types also allows users to change the filetype and therefore the application associated with the file. Lets go ahead and change it know.

  • Click "Start" button, then Settings, and then Control Panel
  • Click "Folder Options"
  • Click the tab from the choices at the top.
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